21 ♡ Agender Trans Masc ♡ He/Xe
Mixed Jew (I'm white-passing) + Mentally Ill
💝Happily taken by the moon!💝

Follow RQs are okay when I'm locked.
  • Associated with thunderstorms and the light element.
  • I'm gay (MLM - Heart eyes @ boys and Non-binary people) and Trans (Agender Trans Masc). I started T on 5-16-19!
  • My most favourite characters ever are Klaus and Jin. You can see some of my other faves in the tab to the far right!
  • Notable interests: Xeno trilogy, Pokemon, and Persona. Full list is in my interests tab.
  • I do have kins (they are elsewhere, ask me or look at my other links) and I take it seriously for spiritual + coping purposes but doubles are invited to drink boba tea with me.
  • Don't come near me if you ship or support gross things. You know the drill.
  • I would appreciate if you do not follow me if you're white and going by names outside of your race, it's a pet peeve of mine, sorry.
  • Please don't involve me in any kind of drama, I am a very tired university student and I don't have time for it.
  • I have a cat named Veru that I love very much. Expect to see a lot of her!
  • That's all, thanks for reading! Feel free to message me if you want to know more.

Games: Xeno + Pokemon + Tales of + Kirby + Persona + Okami + Splatoon + Bravely + Bayonetta + Drakenier + Fire Emblem + Granblue Fantasy + Earthbound/MOTHER + Minecraft
Anime: Bleach + Yugioh + Digimon + Code Geass
I love to talk about my interests and can get tweetheavy about them at times.



xenoblade 2






nier replicant

fire emblem